The kitchen remodeling process can be tough, but carefully planning it will make it easier. Figuring out your budget is pretty simple: Just look at every step of the remodeling process and answer any question that comes to mind.

Key Takeaways:

  • Decide exactly what you want from your kitchen remodel before calculating your budget.
  • Pick out what kinds of material you want and where you’ll be sourcing them from.
  • Consider who will be doing the labor, and carefully vet anyone you hire.

A Kitchen Remodel Is Always Worth It

There’s nothing worse than having to cook in a kitchen that doesn’t invite you into the space. Whether you’re a new homeowner or someone who isn’t happy with how your kitchen looks anymore, we get it.

Remodeling your kitchen is no small investment of time or money, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing. Let’s get into what kind of budget you should consider and what the overall remodeling process might look like.

So, how much does a kitchen remodel cost? Well, it depends on what kind of work you want done, what kind of materials you want to use, and who is doing the remodeling.

Budget for a Kitchen Remodel Riverside CA

1. Figure out your goals. What are you looking to get out of this kitchen remodel? Do you want to brighten up what you have with some new cabinet doors or countertops, or do you want to completely redesign the space?

Changing your kitchen layout by adding a kitchen island or putting in a bar will drive up costs. However, you want this for a reason – if your goal is to love where you cook, it might be necessary to start from scratch.

2. How complicated? Do you want custom woodwork, ornate moldings, and a Greco-Roman mosaic tile floor? If you’re trying to cut costs, then simple is the way to go.

According to HGTV, average mid-range kitchen remodels cost around $66,000. The average “upscale” remodel price was just a bit over $133,000.

3. Pick out your materials. The first thing you should look at when considering a kitchen remodeling project is what kind of materials you want. There’s quite a price difference between real marble countertops and simulated marble countertops – do you have a preference?

While everyone wants mahogany kitchen cabinets and granite countertops, these materials don’t come cheap. If you can replicate a look using cheaper wood, stone, glass, or some alternative, you might want to consider it if your budget is an issue.

It can help your budget to stay local with your materials. While you might want Norwegian spruce for your kitchen cabinets, it might be cheaper to go with canyon live oak for your kitchen remodel in Riverside, CA.

4. Who are you working with? If you can handle the labor yourself, that will significantly reduce your overall budget. However, if you’re hiring laborers, then that will cost a lot more.

Skilled tradesmen such as carpenters can charge a lot of money for their expertise. Plus, consider that any custom work during kitchen remodeling—woodwork, tile, etc.—can significantly increase your overall costs.

5. Vet your workers. If you decide to hire a general contractor, ensure they’re properly vetted. Consult past clients, ask to see photos of finished work, and ask around for quality recommendations.


Before making any major changes to your home, it’s important you know how much you’re going to spend on your dream kitchen. Planning out what your remodel process will look like will help prevent any shocking receipts after your remodel is finished.